Business Law and Estate Planning in Edmond

Chris Papin specializes in representing small businesses and small business owners in the areas of Estate Planning, LLC and Corporation Formation, and Tax Planning.

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Our Legal Services

If you are looking for an Edmond estate planning attorney and business lawyer, our legal team can help.

Estate Planning

Drafting trusts, wills, and transitioning assets to the next generation for families and business owners.

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Business Law

Helping entrepreneurs & existing business owners form, operate, and maintain  a proper business structure.

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Asset Protection

Structuring legitimate and effective plans for families to maintain wealth and to minimize risk.

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Business Advisory

Structured and intentional expert counsel during all stages of the business lifecycle.

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We are here to put your mind at ease.

“When I sit down with Chris Papin, I’m talking to my business lawyer, my family trust and estate planning administrator, and my accountant (he’s also a CPA).

I know that every question I ask is answered with an understanding of my business goals, family plans, and tax planning needs.

Yes, this saves me so much time, but the real difference is that he has the full idea of what I’m trying to achieve and can help me make the right decisions to reach those goals.”

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Our Process


learn Your Business and Personal Goals


Find Areas of Risk and Create Your Legal Plan


Protect your Family and Business


Estate Planning

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”
– Benjamin Franklin

Something happened that made you realize it was time to make a plan. To protect your family in case you are injured. To protect your legacy in case you are gone.

Thinking about your life and your final wishes isn’t easy, but you will feel so much better once you have a plan.

As your Edmond estate planning attorney, I’ll help you through each stage of the planning, creation, and funding of your family trust.

Wills and Trusts

Essential documents to control your assets, allow continuity of business, and provide for your family

Medical Directives

Discussing a plan and having proper authority to address major medical events

Tax and Gift Planning

Creating a plan to be tax efficient can set up the next generation of your family

Guardianship Planning

Ensure a successful care giving experience when the unexpected happens

Business Law

Structure your business to reduce lawsuit risk, protect your family assets, and adjust to changes in partnership and ownership.

When you have the right business structure and legal advice you save on taxes, minimize the risk of lawsuits, protect against partner disputes and ownership changes.

As an Edmond business lawyer working with family businesses, I understand the headaches that come with running a business and will help you set up the legal structure and protections that allow you to meet your business goals.

LLC Formation

A proper legal structure can protect your business and personal finances.

Tax Planning

Utilize the tax code to avoid unexpected tax traps in your business.

Partnership Agreements

Ensure your partnership is successful no matter what the future brings.

Corporation Formation

Protect your business, reduce taxes, and limit your liability.

Asset Protection

You’ve worked your whole life to build your business and provide for your family. Don’t let anyone take it away.

A single frivolous lawsuit can take away a lifetime of hardwork and savings if the right protections aren’t in place.

Our Edmond law office is focused on making sure your family and business assets are completely protected.

Business Equipment

Shield your essential business equipment from lawsuits.

and Savings

Protect your most important family assets and personal accounts.

Rental and Commercial Property

Maximize cash flow and minimize potential risks.

Retirement Accounts and Pensions

Your retirement and legacy should be secured from outside reach.


A legal team that knows your business and is available so you are always moving forward and protected.

Instead of large retainer fees, we focus on structured and intentional expert counsel during all stages of your business and family lifecycle.

Get collaboration in advance to help enhance your decision-making process and to understand how the various choices affect each aspect of your business and family goals.

Personal / Family Advisory Services

We focus on building a plan around you and your family’s specific goals and ambitions.

Business / Corporate Advisory Services

We establish and develop business best practices to most effectively operate your business efficiently and those pesky administrative burdens.